Sarah Hall

Hello, I’m Sarah and I recently joined The Body Mind Clinic providing shiatsu massage which I really enjoy carrying out on people.

Shiatsu is a form of traditional Japanese bodywork which draws on a long history of oriental medicine. Using five element theory and Chinese medical theory, Shiatsu, meaning ‘finger pressure’ works with the energy or ‘ki’ in the body by way of the body’s energetic meridian pathways. Using meridian massage, pressure points, stretches and manipulations I use my thumbs and fingers, palms and sometimes elbows to contact the client and encourage awareness and flow of energy in the body. Treatments are suitable for all and are tailored to the clients needs.

I originally undertook a 3 year course to train in this unique therapy. As well as many happy years carrying out shiatsu therapy on my lovely clients, I also teach foundation level Shiatsu. I am also passionate about providing shiatsu to other groups of people who may not have enjoyed it before both in the workplace and within an NHS setting.


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Why have Shiatsu therapy?

As a form of bodywork, shiatsu can ease pain, reduce stress and improve digestion. I have had success treating many physical ailments. Shiatsu is also great at helping us deal with emotional stresses and issues; when we feel that these are getting in the way or when we feel emotionally stuck. Other examples include  headaches, jaw pain, discomfort related to pregnancy, muscular soreness, stiffness, depression and fatigue. Shiatsu can be a great way to help you manage chronic pain but is also useful in acute situations too. Come and give it a try! 

Sarah Hall

Sarah Hall

Shiatsu Practitioner