Andrea Yearsley Hypnotherapy

“Your mind is like an iceberg. 10% conscious, 90% subconscious….”



Andrea Yearsley

Hello, I’m Andrea and I am happy to be bringing a different brand of hypnotherapy to The Body Mind Clinic in Cardiff.

The method I use (Marisa Peer’s RTT) is incredibly powerful and effective because it works with your subconscious mind – the part that’s causing your issue. All behaviour is directed by the subconscious mind. To change the behaviour you have to change the thoughts that control it. I enable clients to free themselves from the issues that are holding them back and preventing them from living to their full potential.

I trained with the internationally renowned celebrity hypnotherapist Marisa Peer whose client list includes international superstars, CEO’s, royalty and Olympic athletes. I am one of a select few therapists worldwide who’ve been highly trained and licensed by Marisa to successfully deliver this unique and highly successful method, which has been described as ‘life changing’.


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Imagine being able to get to the root cause of why you struggle to live the life you want. Think about how it would feel to clear those subconscious blocks – leaving you free and confident to live life to your full potential. That’s what I specialise in. I achieve outstanding results – rapidly. Normally in less than three sessions, sometimes requiring only one (as opposed to the usual six sessions in regular hypnotherapy)!

Why not contact me on the above email or phone number and we can discuss how hypnotherapy can help you or alternatively email me on the above address. I look forward to hearing from you!

The areas I specialise in include: Peak Performance,  Well Being, Physical Issues, Addictions & Phobias, Weight Issues, Relationship issues, Fertility issues

Andrea Yearsley

Andrea Yearsley



Marisa Peer Practitioner

Certified Hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapist

I am a registered member of The National Council of Psychotherapy and the General Hypnotherapy Register.

I have full professional indemnity insurance.I abide by the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the National Council of Psychotherapy and General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.

I had a session with Andrea on Thursday and she is lovely. I felt so relaxed and refreshed afterwards and ready to take on the world. Andrea is such a fantastic lady she really helped me to deal with my issues and I would recommend her to anyone xxx

Pamela Mackenzie

I had heard about hypnotherapy from friends and have always been curious as to whether it would work for me or not. I have struggled greatly with my relationship with food since I was a early teen and at the age of 34 I wanted to finally get control over it once and for all. I contacted Andrea to see if she could help me. Andrea sent me some questionnaires to fill out in order to give her an overview of my relationship with food and my persona thoughts. The moment Andrea arrived at my house I felt immediately at ease. It turns out I’m very susceptible to hypnotherapy! I was amazed at how certain trigger words have stayed with me since. One of the main issues I wanted to concur was sweets! I am a very emotional eater and being a first time Mum to an toddler I am always tired! Sweets are often the first thing I grab for a quick burst of energy. Unfortunately I never stopped at a few! After speaking with me , Andrea clearly picked up on what trigger words would work for me and I’m surprised and so pleased to say they still work! I have not eaten sweets since November, so approaching 4 months now!!

I truly cannot recommend Andrea enough!!! She has helped me so much! Thank you x


To say I was skeptical is an understatement! Now I am a complete convert. Andrea is calm and reassuring and oh so helpful. She helped me to see what needed to change and that I have the power within myself to make those changes. There were things in my life, as in most peoples, that needed dealing with and that can be scarey on your own. Andrea has helped me realise I can do anything, deal with anything and have a very positive future. Thank you Andrea for starting me on my new hope-filled loving journey.


There is absolutely nothing scary about the hypnotherapy; I was made to feel relaxed, comfortable and when the session had finished I honestly felt like a heavy weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I’ve got a spring in my step, a new way of thinking and I cannot wait to see how I change as a person as a result of the session. Andrea made me realise that the mind is a powerful thing and a hypnotherapy session is the perfect way to make positive changes and get rid of mental blocks holding you back from achieving your life goal.


My husband and I have being trying to conceive for the 2.5 years. When we started trying for a child there was joy and excitement but then after a year with no positive pregnancy test, we decided to ask our doctor if she could help. I am skeptical of medications so I don’t jump to doctors without serious consideration. At my first appointment she diagnosed me with PCOS. All my hormone levels were perfectly normal but my ovaries had cysts. This sent me into a continual downward spiral of depression and hopelessness. I came across Andrea who was willing to coach me and have me try hypnosis. I was skeptical but willing to try it. After the first session, I felt energized. I was ready to conquer the world. Fast forward to a month later and nearly 30 days of focusing on myself and there is a completely new woman in me. A woman full of strength, hope, determination, and most importantly, love for herself. The version of myself 30 days ago, compared to who I am today are complete opposites. I didn’t have to turn to medication to learn how to be happy and full of hope. Andrea walked me through each day to see the light. The light that is within myself and all around me, and for that I am forever grateful.

Rainee Lisko

I have ridden horses more or less all of my life but found suddenly I was lacking confidence and felt like i was losing my nerve. I have never tried hypnotherapy in the past so I wasn’t sure what to expect but decided I would try it. From the start Andrea was warm, friendly and professional and immediately put me at ease. She answered all of my questions and helped me to understand why and how hypnotherapy works. The session itself was very revealing to me personally and afterwards I felt calm and relaxed. I also slept more soundly than I have in a long time! It’s definitely vital to listen to the recording Andrea gives you to use at home afterwards. Andrea’s after care and follow up was also considered and caring and I felt I could ask for any additional advice if I needed to. For me personally, I have felt a big shift in my level of confidence, not only in riding but overall. It’s quite hard to pin point but I can only say I have a new feeling of inner confidence and calm about myself and what I can achieve. It seems to have crept up on me but I know I wouldn’t have come to this turning point without Andrea’s help. For that I am extremely grateful and impressed. I would highly recommend seeking Andrea’s help for anything you are struggling with and would certainly go back to her again if I felt I had other areas in my life that I was finding difficult.