Darran Smith Sports Massage

Hello, I’m Darran and I recently joined The Body Mind Clinic to bring my own brand of Sports Massage, which I’m very passionate about.

I am very experienced and currently work with the Dragons Rugby Team so whatever your issue I am more than capable of giving you comprehensive treatment to improve your physical condition. I have picked up some somewhat unorthodox, but nonetheless very effective techniques from some of the professionals I have worked alongside over the years.

Please contact me should you wish to know more about what Sports Massage is and how I can help you, I will be only too happy to assist. I look forward to welcoming you here and adding you to my list of satisfied clients!


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Why have Sports Massage?

People seek sports massage for all sorts of reasons. Most commonly clients come to seek help with soft tissue issues which can arrive in a myriad of ways from physical activity. Over training, strains, knocks and fatigue are all issues that can impact our soft tissue (muscles, tendons and ligaments), sports massage can contribute to a faster recovery.

Working with a professional rugby team it is safe to say I have seen it all in my time! I am as adept at working on larger and smaller muscle groups and giving my clients a good all-round sports massage with the requisite time spent on any problem areas.

Darran Smith

Darran Smith

Sports Massage