Hello, I’m Steph and I recently joined The Body Mind Clinic to provide reflexology, which I’m very passionate about. I trained as a Reflexologist in Cardiff, at Inspira Reflexology completing my training in 2012.

Reflexology is a relaxing and enjoyable treatment, an hour just for you, without interruptions, something that, as we all know, is a luxury in today’s world. Yet, it is more than a simple massage: the treatment can help the body to alleviate stress and re-balance itself, promoting self-healing. I specialise in a technique called Duopody: a system of reflexology that, unlike traditional reflexology, treats both feet at the same time; this helps to make the treatment more balanced and effective, and the technique often has profound and rapid results.

I have also received training in other types or reflexology including, Ingham, Reflexology for stress, Reflexology for spinal problems, Advanced Reflexology Technique (ART), pre-natal and pregnancy reflexology.

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Why have Reflexology?

Reflexology is particularly effective for treating people with fertility problems, during pregnancy (even to induce labour). Reflexology is more and more popular every day in sport, not only to treat injuries but also to help keep the body fit and healthy and to prevent injuries, as well as strengthening health generally. I also treat people with stress who find the relaxing benefits to be extremely effective in taking them to place of deep relaxation again.

Stephanie Blake

Stephanie Blake